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Putting healthcare providers right in your pocket

As a hub of health-related service providers and networks, committed to providing on-demand, remote access to medical and non-medical services for Canadians, even if they are out-of-province, collectively, we present individuals with a virtual clinic via our channel partners.

As a result, we are able to provide care for travellers and visitors when they are not well and away from home, until they are feeling better, even after they have returned home.

Our channel partners include such industries as travel and insurance, as well as financial institutions and membership-based organizations. These partnerships provide the benefit of reduced risk, an easier claims process and a higher member retention, all while keeping the population healthier.

Our Executive Team

It all began in 1996 as a proud, high honor graduate ready to take on the world. Angela’s career path in the tourism and marketing industries has provided her with invaluable experience both in and out of the office.

She has had the pleasure of working with: travel agencies; tour companies and hoteliers based in Toronto, Canada; a major consulting firm in Santiago, Chile; and various tourism entities around the world. Hard work and dedication have enabled her to become a part of an integral network of people in the Travel and Tourism Industry. She pooled her resources to promote select destinations and products to an audience with the interest and means to travel.

After dealing with family health issues, Angela connected with a group of individuals who are passionate about and proactive in healthcare. Together, with a common passion for caring for others, they created what started as a new and innovative travel health service to a virtual clinic that fills gaps and provides support in healthcare for Canadians anytime, anywhere.

Skip Schwartz was trained as an architect, specializing in health care facilities design. He was Partner-in-Charge of Healthcare at NORR partnership Ltd. He and his team designed award winning hospitals and clinics across Canada, doing groundbreaking work in architectural planning, long term care design, and accessibility. He has operated clinics and hospitals in various parts of the world, and was in charge of the health care practice in Canada for HOK – one of the world’s largest architecture firms. He was the CEO for a pioneering Canadian-based health services venture, Interhealth Canada. For the past 25 years, Skip has been an executive advisor to Kluaynamthai Group, a healthcare system located in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Statement of Purpose

As a virtual clinic, partnering with service providers and networks, we are committed to improving the health of individuals by delivering technology-driven, on-demand, remote access to medical and non-medical services.

Core Values

  • People first
  • Take charge
  • Commitment
  • Compassion
  • Personal integrity
  • Partnership driven

Vision Statement

Through excellence-driven, patient-centric partnerships, we will be recognized as the first Canadian-based global virtual hospital, delivering access to the full range of medical and non-medical services to enrolled users anywhere, anytime, guided by market-leading privacy and security protection. By 2021, our goal is to provide our services to millions of individuals worldwide.


  • We are passionate about people’s health, no matter where they are.
  • It is our duty to keep individuals healthy, and support them in every way possible when they are not.
  • We are a family-run business, therefore our work must also suit the needs of our families.
  • We care for our employees, their well-being, development and financial security.
  • We take complete responsibility for our failures and successes.
  • We do all possible to ensure that all business is ethical.
  • It is extremely important that we work with people with similar values. We must fit well together.

What we do?