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What We Do

We help individuals get to better health.

How do we do this? We start by talking. We want to know as much as possible about the company culture, health and wellness programs in place, absenteeism and productivity. We also like to hear from the individuals, employees and members about any health issues, how they are coping and what would make things better…even for their families. Based on this input, our team of nurses and consultants will prepare a proposal together, that includes the virtual care products and services that would get people healthy, best allocate spend and optimize utilization of programs. As a result, all individuals are getting healthier, more productive in the workplace and happier at home without waste on programs and resources that are not of interest or do not fulfill any needs.


When required, we will also consult with the insurer regarding coverage of the products and services we recommend in the proposal. 


Our support is on-going with various check-ins to see if anything has changed and needs adjusting.


One more thing. We can provide reporting on health and recovery trends and engagement at a cohort-level. 


See who we work with in our Providers section.


All individuals receive access to the personal health record portal (PHR). They can create their profile, unique login and begin their collection and consolidation of all health data into the one record, regardless of what product or service is purchased for their plan. 


This is a secure portal for the patient or healthcare provider to safely upload and store medical data – anything from health documents, lab results, a list of prescriptions, an appointment log, to a complete medical record. Whether the individual maintains the record on their own or they opt-in to having a care coordinator manage it for them, their health data is consolidated into one easy record and used as a tool in managing their health.

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Who are our clients? 

Mainly brokers and insurers who sell group, individual and travel products. Sometimes the users come to us directly through a corporate account or an association. 


Why work with us? There are several reasons!


Our unique process of matching individuals with the right products is based on the consult provided by a combination of senior industry consultants and nurses.


Our experts are experienced in employee benefits and the relationships with their advisors and insurers. We believe that people are the greatest asset – we are irreplaceable! We want to provide a program that is helpful, engaging and is available whenever needed.


We have watched these providers grow and develop to become the best at what they do. They each have countless success stories of the individuals who have benefitted from their care – virtually!


We specialize in virtual care. It’s all we do! Get access to any provider from one source – us! We do all the leg work.


Employee access and ownership of their health information, collected and consolidated into one digital record that will follow them wherever they go.


The cumulative health profile (or snapshot of the PHR) can be translated into almost any language when travelling, making it easier for  the local doctor to make informed decisions around diagnosis and treatment. As they will be informed immediately of current conditions and medications, this avoids language barriers and complications at the most vulnerable of times.


Reporting on engagement and health trends based on cohort. Provides a colourful, big picture of the organization regarding employee health and what is working to get them healthy.


With our expertise, we can help our partners to provide an insurance product that is personalized and low-risk.


Plus all of the benefits that come with each provider, getting people healthier!