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What We Do

We help individuals get to better health.

As a result, our efforts also support healthcare providers and insurers throughout the medical event and claims process.  Whether you are interested in a specific service or the full clinic, we are ready to support you.  Our network of providers includes nurses, emergency room doctors, psychologists, social workers, travel clinics, pharmacies, transportation and other home care services, to provide the following products and services:

This is a secure portal for the patient or healthcare provider to safely upload and store medical data – anything from health documents, lab results, a list of prescriptions, an appointment log, to a complete medical record. The individual has the option to maintain the record on their own or by their care coordinator.

Translation of the PHR and Real-time translation for nurse-to-nurse or doc-to-doc communication is accessible so that in the event of a medical emergency, the member can present the attending physician with their PHR in the local language. As a result, the insurer, care provider and the member are better protected against any complications or confusion due to language barriers.

With the member’s consent, we will retrieve their medical record (condensed or the complete record) from their healthcare providers (i.e. family doctor, GP, etc.).  This information is used as reference when the member calls for triage or support, anytime, anywhere.

If a member has been referred to a hospital out-of-province, we will correspond with the attending physician to help avoid complications.

In the event that a claim has been opened, the medical data will be accessible to the insurer at that point, as per the effective insurance policy. All information is extremely classified and safely secured, and is only shared: with the healthcare professionals attending to the member throughout a medical emergency; and with the insurance provider when a claim has been opened by the insured.

In addition to using the PHR, members have the option to speak to our nurse care-coordinator directly, in the form of a medical review. This allows us to collect more information that covers health conditions and concerns, vitals, medications, allergies, inoculations, and family history. This information is also stored in our system and is accessible when the member calls, ensuring the best possible service.

Members have access to a designated nurse care-coordinator 24/7 from anywhere in the world to:

  • answer questions
  • manage their care plans (created by their physicians), medications, and upcoming and ongoing appointments
  • maintain their PHR
  • share and collect information on the member when they have seen a doctor or visited a medical facility, even out-of-province
  • follow up during travel with reminders, messages and calls post-triage to ensure that their condition improves
  • arrange a follow up appointment with their family doctor
  • provide the family doctor with an update on what has happened to their patient outside of ‘office hours’

When a member requires medical attention, from minor concerns and questions to health complications or events, staff are accessible 24/7 for triage or to give personalized health advice and support. The phone is always answered live and consults via SKYPE and video chat are available.

When a member requires medical attention, from minor concerns and questions to health complications or events, staff are accessible 24/7 for triage or to give personalized health advice and support. The phone is always answered live and consults via SKYPE and video chat are available.

Upon the member’s request during the triage call, we will conference call with an emergency room doctor or clinical psychologists and social workers for assistance.

Our Canadian and American healthcare teams are able to provide prescriptions within Canada and the United States. As well, we can arrange the delivery of these prescriptions to the member anywhere in Canada and the US.

We connect members to the services of a pre-travel clinic for consult and inoculations prior to travel. Our network of travel clinics spans across Canada.

We can connect members with medical evacuation from anywhere in the world, back to their home province, with the support of a medical team to accompany the member if needed.

We are able to arrange non-acute transport for members to get to and from their medical visits in designated regions.

Once the member has been discharged, we will arrange for home care services, such as house calls, meal delivery, etc. as needed.

We offer a unique line of accident and sickness insurance products. These products can provide individuals and their families that emergency fund needed in the event of injury or illness.


For Partners and End-Users (Individuals)

  • Full circle of care – 24/7/365, loops in family doctor.
  • A unique portable tool for healthcare self-management, particularly when travelling.
  • Saves millions in reduced hospital visits and returns to the emergency room.
  • Reduce risk for insurers and reinsurance providers.
  • Completely customizable technology that integrates with various portals and apps.
  • “Sticky” – a partnership providing complete healthcare and coverage anytime, anywhere is incentive for members to renew.
  • Ability to work within any insurer’s designated provider network.
  • Lowest-cost for on-demand access to quality healthcare providers.
  • Available to individuals in 155+ languages.
  • Reporting on trends and needs of members.
  • One-stop to access services needed at any point of health journey.
  • Emergency fund if unable to work due to accident or injury.
  • Management of and navigation through care plans keeps the individual on their path to improved, stable health.
  • The most secure storage of data in the industry.
  • Remote, on-demand, virtual.
  • Ownership of own ‘health vault’.